A Bucolic Invitation

I’ll build a bower for my love
And in its shade with her shall live.
A mystic apple tree in bloom
Will thatch our secret lovers’ room,
And climbing roses weave the walls
To scent the air when evening falls.
Here loving spirits will abide
And friendly deities preside.
King Time shall wield no sway nor might
In this our arbour of delight.
Like honeysuckle we’ll entwine
And in pale cups of columbine
Life’s nectar drink and pleasures take
And all our worldly cares forsake.
Our green oasis will conceal
The sweet emotions lovers feel
And be a school for all those arts
That lovers share with kindred hearts.
So come, my Love, and stay with me
Within the bower I build for thee,
And, in this blessed month of May,
All Life’s tomorrows live today.


Red box for letters,
Red lights for stopping,
Red spades for digging,
Red balls for throwing.

Red boots for puddles,
Red kites for flying,
Red clouds at sunset,
Red fruit for picking.

Red eyes from crying,
Red knees from falling,
Red bows for tying,
Red shoes for dancing.

Red cheeks from running,
Red face from fibbing,
Red flames for warming,
Red hearts for loving.

(And “Red wine for Daddy!” says Lucy!)

Monte Pellegrino

Sul Monte Pellegrino,
Nelle ombre dei pini,
Ho ascoltato, sotto i miei piedi,
La voce stanca delle pietre.

“Siamo create dal fuoco
E dalla forza
Degli anni innumerevoli.
Abbiamo conosciuto
La gioia e la tristezza,
La sofferenza e l’abbandono.
Le piogge dei secoli
Non hanno lavato
Il sangue dalla nostra faccia.

Ma, alla fine,
I dettagli della nostra storia
Significano niente.

Impara soltanto da noi,
O Pellegrino,
La lezione unica e preziosa
Della nostra esperienza:
La vita è breve!

Siamo tutti, anche tu,
Fiori di campo,
Colore vulnerabile,
Profumi effimeri,
Petali fragili.’

Palermo, Sicily Pasqua 2003
Corrected for me by Stefania, 22nd July 2003

New Year

Be not like Janus! Turn away!
Resist the magnet of dead years!
False gods survive in ancient stones
Nostalgia bears no fruit but tears.

Imbibe the lesson of the wine,
Cast out the pitcher and the glass!
Tomorrow’s bottles are being blown,
Between the vines the pickers pass.

If all the ages of past time
Are crystallized somewhere in me,
It is to shape tomorrow’s mould,
To sow the drill and plant the tree.

Respect the flowing of the tide,
Each surge creates the shore anew:
Change slowly makes us what we are,
Assist the birthing of the new!


Lovely things

Oh, what a lovely thing to see,
A magpie in a snowy tree!

Oh, what a lovely thing to smell,
Violets in a mossy dell!

Oh, what a lovely thing to hear,
The sound of church bells loud and clear!

Oh, what a lovely thing to say,
I love you more each passing day!

A Winter Blessing

Before the sun is up, a blackbird sings
High in the branches of the winter oak.
The day begins in song, so may it end!
And all your waking hours be filled with joy!

February 1990

Eisteddfod win


Congratulations to Jane Wakeham for a Platinum Award in the 2014 Jersey Eisteddfod reciting Aidan Smith’s Tiananmen Square. Well done & congratulations. If you would like to reread the poem Jane recited it can be found here.