Lovely things

Oh, what a lovely thing to see,
A magpie in a snowy tree!

Oh, what a lovely thing to smell,
Violets in a mossy dell!

Oh, what a lovely thing to hear,
The sound of church bells loud and clear!

Oh, what a lovely thing to say,
I love you more each passing day!

A Winter Blessing

Before the sun is up, a blackbird sings
High in the branches of the winter oak.
The day begins in song, so may it end!
And all your waking hours be filled with joy!

February 1990

Eisteddfod win


Congratulations to Jane Wakeham for a Platinum Award in the 2014 Jersey Eisteddfod reciting Aidan Smith’s Tiananmen Square. Well done & congratulations. If you would like to reread the poem Jane recited it can be found here.

Le Grand Bois at Bazouges

(Bordered to the south by fields of green maize)

The dawn is still.
No trembling leaf
Betrays the trace
Of passing breeze.
Each blade of maize
In the great field
Before the house
Awaits the sun.

Fill my heart

Fill my heart, 0 Lord, with joy!
Let me sing your praises still!
Calm the doubtings of my mind,
Reinforce my failing will.

Every moment of my day
In your service let me do
What your love inspires in me
To create the world anew.

January 1988

Our Sort of Poetry

Poetry in books is fine
But I seek poetry in wine.
We’ll pull a cork to make it flow,
Deep in the glass the verses grow.
Let’s drink a toast to yours and mine,
Three cheers for poetry and wine!

April 1995

Early Days

Some mornings when the sun is up
And Daddy doesn’t go to work,
He comes to fetch me in my cot
And takes me to the double bed
Where Mummy lies, still half asleep.
The bed is downy soft and warm
And all the room is pink and white
And golden with the morning sun.
While Daddy lies and reads his book,
I play with Tick-tock and with things
Which Daddy keeps there just for me.
His watch and cuff-links I like best,
But oh! The glasses on his nose
Are such delight, I put them on
While Daddy watches anxiously,
But Mummy hardly ever stirs.
I tell them when it’s time for food
And off we go for milk and flakes
And toast with Mummy’s marmalade.