This blog is dedicated to the memory of my father, Aidan Smith, who died in March 2004, aged 70.  He was inspired by the subjects that affected him most; daily life, his family and events in the wider world.  This inspiration manifested itself in all creative forms, most notably in poetry, painting and calligraphy.

Since I was a small boy I remember that he always had a piece of artwork or poetry on the go.  His creative process was often triggered by the things that either I or my two sisters, Lucy and Beatrice, would say.

Although my father died nearly ten years ago, his presence is still around us.  From the pictures that he painted that hang on the walls of my home, to the hand written notes, now irreplaceable, tucked away for future reference.  His voice comes through most noticeably and not surprisingly in his poetry. His poems are reproduced here, along with some of his photography and artwork as a showcase of his work and for your enjoyment.

Helier Smith