The Princess’ Hats

The Princess of Wales has beautiful hats
Of taffeta, satin and felt,
She wears them for breakfast and luncheon and tea
With a smile which makes every heart melt.

Upstairs in the palace, there’s a room full of hats
With a Beefeater guarding the door.
There are boxes on shelves, in cupboards and nooks,
With the empties piled high on the floor.

Each box has a label with a royal coat of arms
And titles like “Windsor” or “Yacht”.
There’s one inscribed “Ascot”, another “High Tea”
Or “Shooting (Balmoral in Scot.)!”

There are hats for all seasons and Horse Guards Parade,
With feathers of red, white and blue,
There are hats in pale pink with trimmings of mink
And boaters for weeks in Cowes, too.

Now it happened one day when the Prince was away
And the Princess was due at the Tower,
She couldn’t decide what colour to wear
Though she gazed in the glass by the hour.

She turned out the boxes and tried on each one
And threw them aside on the floor,
Only then did she spy the black velvet hat
On the Beefeater guarding the door.

“That’s the one for today” was all she could say,
“May I wear it? Oh, please do agree!”
“I’m late as it is and the Queen won’t be pleased
If I’m hatless at afternoon tea.”

All bashful and red, the Beefeater said:
“To be hatless was never a sin,
But you’re welcome to try, my dear Princess Di,
For I see the di-lemma you’re in.”

She tried on the hat in front of the glass
And it suited her looks to a T.
“Oh, thank you!” she said, as she kissed his bald head,
And rushed down the stairs three by three.

All the way through the City, her hat drew applause,
Till at last she arrived at the Tower.
There, sweet and demure, she inspected the guards
Who stand at the gate by the hour.

The Beefeaters cheered, threw their hats in the air,
There were bravoes, gun salvoes and hails.
What a wonderful hat she is wearing today!
Three cheers for the Princess of Wales!!!