I woke in the night with the full moon still spreading
Her basket of linen on hedgerow and field.
The mistletoe light which the full moon was shedding
A duo of lovers below me revealed.
So youthful their joy in the silver night shining,
So lasting a love in their hearts they concealed.

Oh, who were the lovers in moonlight entwining,
And where are they now in the fullness of years?
To which far-off lands did their life-vessel bear them,
How high were their hopes and how many their fears?
Across the dark storm clouds the white geese are homing,
Across the wide ocean of raptures and tears.

The full moon descending now shines through the window
And falls on the bed where my love lies asleep
Its rays on the pillow her features defining,
As I, in the shadows, the night watches keep.
Oh, we are those lovers bound tightly by moonlight
Through years of pure silver, in harmony deep.