At Granny’s

At Granny’s there are lovely stairs
Just made for climbing up and down.
And Pusscat tries to hide from me
Up on the landing out of sight.
I don’t know why she runs from me.
It must be Puppy that she fears
But sees in me another dog
For I, like dogs, am quadruped.
With Granny near in case I fall
(‘Though why I’d do that I can’t tell!).
I kneel upon the lowest step,
Hold tight the bars and start to climb.
I sometimes see the bushy tail
Between the rungs, just out of reach,
But every time I climb a stair
The Pusscat moves on noiselessly.
I reach the landing but she’s gone,
Completely vanished, then I see
The bathroom’s open, small and pink.
I crawl inside and out of sight
I play with Granny’s powder puff.

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