Under the Limes

My friends, the limes are blooming now
And in their vaults the holy bees
Intone their sacred offices.

Of all high Summer’s sacraments,
This moves me most and with sweet scents
Body and mind intoxicates.

For this brief moment in the year,
Come share the fragrance of the limes
And, like the bees, forget all else.

The two giant limes in the school playground are in full flower. 5.7.92


A blackbird sat on the school fence
Watching the boys doing long jump.
“This is the way you do it,” he said,
And swooping down from his perch
Flew the whole length of the sand pit.


Sharp at five
A cock crew.
The call came from
A great distance,
From the west so it seemed,
From the ocean
And the drowned farms.
It hung in the still air
And faded and was gone.

I thought of Peter
In his sleepless night
Seated by the courtyard fire,
Wishing it would consume him,
Wishing he could undo the night.
Alas, there was no going back,
No possible retrieval,
Day was breaking,
And was already moving
To its terrible conclusion.