Under the Limes

My friends, the limes are blooming now
And in their vaults the holy bees
Intone their sacred offices.

Of all high Summer’s sacraments,
This moves me most and with sweet scents
Body and mind intoxicates.

For this brief moment in the year,
Come share the fragrance of the limes
And, like the bees, forget all else.

The two giant limes in the school playground are in full flower. 5.7.92

Orion shivers

Orion Shivers

Orion Shivers

Orion shivers in the winter night
But keeps his lonely vigil. I watch too
And wait for morning and the healing light.

20 February 1992

Pastures New

We must pack our bags and go
To the limits that we know
And beyond, to virgin fields
Where those greener grasses grow.
Journey far and travel lightly,
with our weary steps made sprightly
By the distant prospect’s glow.

January 1992