Camelot-2Deep in the valleys of unfolding time,
Beyond the hills of doubt lay Camelot.
Its towers rose above the forest oaks,
Its spires and banners caught the morning sun.
Inside the walls, around the warrior king,
The knights and scholars gathered,
each one pledged
To help the weak, to mortify the proud
And right and love, defend and glorify.

Ursa Major – The Plough

Ursa MajorUrsa Major-2

Plough deep the furrow!
Cast across the night
The seeds of morning,
Propagate the Light!

Orion shivers

Orion Shivers

Orion Shivers

Orion shivers in the winter night
But keeps his lonely vigil. I watch too
And wait for morning and the healing light.

20 February 1992

Psalm 122


Psalm 122

Adult Shores

Poem for Bridget

So softly in the summer night
Your fragile vessel has set sail,
Back through your Irish Infancy,
Bound for the Islands of the Blest.

We stand upon our adult shores
And through the curtain of our tears
Perceive at last, in all its grace,
Your loving presence in our lives.

Now comes the gathering of our years,
the harvest of our childhood days,
And in the barns of memory
We store the blessings
of your love.

For my brothers and sisters
In loving memory of our Mother 1903 – 1992