Star Traveller


I have a homing instinct for the stars,

The Pleiades are calling me to come,

Beyond the Plough, the fields of cosmic corn 

Lie shining in the glory of their sun.

Deep in the clearings of ancestral space,

A thousand distant points of reference shine; 

High, high above me in the frozen night, 

Some minute star is burning, which is mine.

Away! The night is drawing to a close! 

The locks of Venus on the ocean lie;

Already in the East beyond the hills, 

Apollo’s golden horses paw the sky.

Golden Wedding

I have a homing instinct for the stars

In fifty years
New names appear
But through them all
One theme runs clear:
As roles evolve
And lives unfold,
A tale of Love
Therein is told.

For Granny and Bumpah
October 1990

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Qui êtes-vous?

Qui êtes-vous qui venez de si loin, par monts et vallées, saluer le Roi?