My new sister

My sister’s name is Lucy
And she’s only four months old,
She coos and gurgles all day long
And is quite as good as gold.

Now I’m her grown up brother,
I’m nearly two you see,
In all our games, in all we do,
Lucy will follow me!

November 1971

For Mother

When evening light the garden fills
And shadows fall across the lawn
Beneath the oak,
Down the long path
With trug of windfalls
And a bunch of mint,
I see you coming,
Smiling, to greet us.

March 1993


Red box for letters,
Red lights for stopping,
Red spades for digging,
Red balls for throwing.

Red boots for puddles,
Red kites for flying,
Red clouds at sunset,
Red fruit for picking.

Red eyes from crying,
Red knees from falling,
Red bows for tying,
Red shoes for dancing.

Red cheeks from running,
Red face from fibbing,
Red flames for warming,
Red hearts for loving.

(And “Red wine for Daddy!” says Lucy!)