Festa Dei Ceri

Sopra i vecchi tetti di Gubbio,
Ho visto la docilita dei monti dell’ Umbria.
Nelle vie stretti della citta,
Ho incontrato la vitalita dei giovani.
Dentro il duomo venerabile,
Ho trovato la pace profonda dei secoli.

Gubbio, Italy
15 May 1993


Above the old roofs of Gubbio,
I saw the docility of the mountains’ Umbria.
In the narrow streets of the city,
I met the vitality of youth.
Inside the venerable cathedral,
I found the deep peace of the centuries.

Il sole del pomeriggio

Sotto il sole del pomeriggio,
Dietro le imposte marrone,
Dormano le case tranquille
Soltanto le lucertole,
Verde come gemme byzantine,
Rimangono al sole.

Assisi – 1993

For Mother

When evening light the garden fills
And shadows fall across the lawn
Beneath the oak,
Down the long path
With trug of windfalls
And a bunch of mint,
I see you coming,
Smiling, to greet us.

March 1993

Shooting stars in Autumn

Where are you now, dear hearts, from what far bourne
Do you survey the lives of those who mourn?
Too soon, in quick succession through the night,
Your tired spirits took their final flight,
So stars in Autumn shoot across the sky
And in one moment fall to earth and die.
But on your journey, loving, brave, upright,
You shared with us the burning of your light.

For Granny and Bumpah
April 1993