Parents, grandparents …

They have now gone from us,
Those all-protecting ones,
The angels by the bed,
The guardians at the gate.
This is Life’s promotion!
Step by reluctant step
We move forward daily
To take their place.

At the close of a summer’s day,
Far, far down the beach
At the ebb-tide’s turning,
To sand, sea and wind
We committed them,
Ashes to ashes,
Human dust to dust,
Memories to sand.

Odds Against

When I consider the genetic maze
Which brings me to the rising of this day
And count, as stars across the winter sky,
The obstacles to Life along the way,
Then do I worship at the shrine of Chance
And flowers of ardour on her altar lay.
Let me not cease my grateful praise to sing
And, by my living, Life’s oblation pay.

18th January 2001