Orion shivers

Orion Shivers

Orion Shivers

Orion shivers in the winter night
But keeps his lonely vigil. I watch too
And wait for morning and the healing light.

20 February 1992

Psalm 122


Psalm 122

In Dedham Vale

Dedham Vale - ArtworkBy Stour’s waters, on a day
Of summer mists and sunlight pale,
I saw the tower of Dedham Church
And heard its bell across the Vale.

Yet time stood still for angels passed
In golden cohorts overhead,
And, like the play of light on hills,
The glory of their presence spread.

My blest companions drank with me
The silence of that mystic hour,
And, by their passing, stirred for me
The healing waters of the Stour.

April 1990

Dedham Vale - Calligraphy