Into Italian sunshine

The snows of the Alps
Changed into Spring blossom
As we moved southwards
Into Italian sunshine.

Venice. April 1976

February walk

The shrill two note song
Of the skylark insisted
Spring had come early,
But I knew that the
Blue of the sea and the sky
were today’s only.

9 February 1968

Bluebell Wood

Two lovers walked in Bluebell Wood
And said the words that lovers should,
And did the things that lovers do,
When all the world is green and blue.

8th April 1990

In the high pasture

In the high pasture
The winter snows are melting,
The streams carry my love
Down to you in the valley.

For Judy, March 1981
Schloss Kasseg, Austria


When I smell mimosa
I remember the hill
With our school half way down
And the sea far below.
We ran there happily
At the start of each day.
And climbed home reluctant
In the afternoon heat.
At a bend in the hill
Where the sea fell from view,
An ancient mimosa
Hung over the wall.
The flowers touched the clouds
And its roots reached the sea,
Its scent fell around us
As we ran underneath.

When I smell mimosa
I remember the hill
With our school half way down
And the sea far below ……

March 1982

The Gorse

Saffron headlands, sweet
Almond smelling, alive with
Bees pollinating;
Blue glass water on shingle
Lapping, time lapping on me.

Oh that you could feel
This sun, breathe in this heavy
Air and see with me
The gorse afire on Beauport,
Golden in silence.

Jersey 1966/67

The Woodpecker

Behind the house on a bright spring day
When the sun at last had come to stay,
A woodpecker tapped on a hollow tree
And sent secret messages down to me.

He tapped all the morning and then flew away,
What did he tell me? What did he say?
“The summer is coming, it won’t be too long!”
That was the gist of the woodpecker’s song.