Golden Wedding

In fifty years
New names appear
But through them all
One theme runs clear:
As roles evolve
And lives unfold,
A tale of Love
Therein is told.

For Granny and Bumpah
October 1990

Flights of Fancy

If flights of fancy all came true,
would I be me or you be you?
Best trust not fancy’s fickle flame,
Nor yield to wishing’s fruitless game.
As far as I’m concerned, I know
I much prefer the status quo!
You are my joy, my pride, my light,
To you my fancy takes its flight.

For Judy’s 50th birthday,
4 May 1995

The pink hyacinth

One single bud of
The pink hyacinth peeped out
On our wedding day.

23rd December 1967

Fir Trees

Pines stood like these
Along the windy ridge
Where we so often walked
And much in love
Discussed a time to wed.
Beneath the trees
On those October days
So distant now
Our plans much favoured Spring
Until we said,
As of one heart and mind,
Why wait till then?
At Christmas let it be!
And so it was!

17 May 1985
On seeing a drawing by John Constable “Fir Trees at Hampstead, 1820”