Dawn islands dozing

Dawn islands dozing
In golden haze fade to grey
On August evenings.

Red Valerian
On the crumbling granite wall
Tell me of Summer.

25 August 1967

Saffron headlands

Saffron headlands, sweet
Almond smelling, alive with
Bees pollinating;
Blue glass water on shingle
Lapping, time lapping on me.

Oh that you could feel
This sun, breathe in this heavy
Air and see with me
The gorse afire on Beauport,
Golden in silence.

Jersey, 1966/1967

The pink hyacinth

One single bud of
The pink hyacinth peeped out
On our wedding day.

23rd December 1967

My square of window

My square of window
weeping stars in the blue night,
You asleep upstairs.
I lie awake alone
Breathing in time with you.

Doors clicking softly
In the midnight breeze.
Dark curtains swishing,
Soon to be filled pink
with soft morning light.
The sky cut neatly
By the window frames
Into tiny portions
Like blackberry pie
waiting to be eaten.
Albertine roses
Under the sill tap
The cool cement wall
In their wire moorings,
Moved by the night wind
And their own silent growth.

La Croute. St. Ouen, Jersey. 1967