Up through the woods the torches go.
Towards the cabin deep in snow
We slowly climb.

There, far from worry, time and space,
Of homeland, love and human grace
We sing our songs.

The sleeping forest all around
Is slowly ‘wakened by the sound,
As breaks the spell.

Away from fire and candles bright,
Far through the frozen starlit night
Our music flies.

Oh, nights of singing, wine and stars
When‚ ‘round the fire, from many shores,
We brothers are!

The night grows late, we homewards go
Back to the other world we know,
Bis nächster mal!

Schloss Kasseg
February 1991

The Musicians


Clay figurine by Aidan Smith

Clay figurine by Aidan Smith

The Music Box

Daddy returned from Holland
With a music-box for me.
He pulled a string and from inside,
As clear as clear could be,
A little tune came tumbling out
Like moonlight on the sea.

I held it up against my ear
As I lay still in bed.
The moonlight filled my tiny room,
The music filled my head,
And when at last I fell asleep,
I dream of it instead.

February 1980