Shooting stars in Autumn

Where are you now, dear hearts, from what far bourne
Do you survey the lives of those who mourn?
Too soon, in quick succession through the night,
Your tired spirits took their final flight,
So stars in Autumn shoot across the sky
And in one moment fall to earth and die.
But on your journey, loving, brave, upright,
You shared with us the burning of your light.

For Granny and Bumpah
April 1993

The geraniums are in

The geraniums are in
And the logs are piled high,
The chestnuts are gathered
And across the grey sky
The wild ducks are flying
Away, away,
We’ll come back in Springtime,
Some day, some day!


Late Autumn

In corners where no willows grow
I rake up willow leaves and know
The winds are set for winter.
Oh, The frenzy of their final blow
Before the stillness of the snow!

18 November 1991

Fir Trees

Pines stood like these
Along the windy ridge
Where we so often walked
And much in love
Discussed a time to wed.
Beneath the trees
On those October days
So distant now
Our plans much favoured Spring
Until we said,
As of one heart and mind,
Why wait till then?
At Christmas let it be!
And so it was!

17 May 1985
On seeing a drawing by John Constable “Fir Trees at Hampstead, 1820”