Golden Wedding

In fifty years
New names appear
But through them all
One theme runs clear:
As roles evolve
And lives unfold,
A tale of Love
Therein is told.

For Granny and Bumpah
October 1990

Festa Dei Ceri

Sopra i vecchi tetti di Gubbio,
Ho visto la docilita dei monti dell’ Umbria.
Nelle vie stretti della citta,
Ho incontrato la vitalita dei giovani.
Dentro il duomo venerabile,
Ho trovato la pace profonda dei secoli.

Gubbio, Italy
15 May 1993


Above the old roofs of Gubbio,
I saw the docility of the mountains’ Umbria.
In the narrow streets of the city,
I met the vitality of youth.
Inside the venerable cathedral,
I found the deep peace of the centuries.

Requiem For The Hedgehog

Poor hedgehog in the road squashed by a car,
What good to you was your hibernation?
Had you woken up but one day later
You might have lived to see the summer through.
But alas you were not destined to be
Another Mrs Tiggywinkle,
Hanging out washing till a ripe old age.
In the horse-drawn days of Beatrix,
Hedgehogs had greater life expectancy!

27th April 1971