Lucy’s Letter

I have written a note to the fairies
And put it outside near the tree,
I hope that they see it and read it
And perhaps write a few words to me.

I have asked them to come to my party
Though I fear they may not like the noise,
I think they’ll be timid and frightened
By the shouts of the girls and the boys.

So I’ve put them some food in the garden
And some teacups on Mummy’s best tray;
In the moonlight they’ll have their own party
And dance till the dawning of day.

I’ll try to keep watch from my window,
Perhaps on the lawn I shall see
Titania, the Queen of the Fairies,
And perhaps she will wave up at me.

For Lucy March 1977

The Woodpecker

Behind the house on a bright spring day
When the sun at last had come to stay,
A woodpecker tapped on a hollow tree
And sent secret messages down to me.

He tapped all the morning and then flew away,
What did he tell me? What did he say?
“The summer is coming, it won’t be too long!”
That was the gist of the woodpecker’s song.


The Holidays

My suitcase is ready,
I’m off to the sea,
I’ve packed all the treasures
I’m taking with me.

I’ve put in my spade
And inflatable ring,
My swimsuit and penknife,
Fishhooks and some string.

I’ve packed all my soldiers,
They won’t want to stay,
I’m taking my Teddy
And Panda to play.

Mum says it’s too early,
I mustn’t forget
That before we leave home
There are weeks to go yet.

It’s true – time goes slowly
Especially for me
With my suitcase all ready
To go to the sea.

For Helier, who had his suitcase packed at least two months early! Summer 1977